Types Of Wine

Best Types Of Wine:

If you are a wine collector, the best types of wine that you should include in your collection are the ones that you like to drink the most. But really, this all depends on your goals as a wine collector.

You may be an investor in wine whose primary purpose of collecting it is to sell the wine once it has increased in value. Or you may simply want a collection of the best types of wine so that you can pull them out when you have a dinner party.

No matter what your reasons are for collecting wine, there a number of facts that you should be aware of. 

  1. The majority of wines are made ready to drink, so if you are storing wine for your dinner parties you will need to consume them within a year. This time frame is based on storing wine in a cellar under the right conditions.

If you are storing ready to drink wine as an investment, you won’t have very much luck, because it has already reached its peak, and it will not get better with age but will more likely deteriorate.

When purchasing wine that is ready to drink, there are a number of things that you will need to take into consideration.

  • There are a number of wines that are capable of preventing cardiovascular disease. You will need to find the wine that contains the most polyphenols and reservatrol.
  • Make sure that you do not choose wine that has a low calorie and carbohydrate content.
  • If you are environmentally conscious, you should consider biodynamic, carbon neutral or organic wine.


  1. There are some wines that improve with age. If you collect wine there are a number of benefits to buying this type of wine as long as you utilize the proper storage conditions:


  • You have longer to enjoy the wine.
  • You can keep adding to the size and the variety of your collection.
  • There are a number of bargains and sales available when purchasing this type of wine.

If you invest in wines, there is more chance that this type of wine will increase in value. However, there are less than 1% investment grade wines worldwide, and 80% of them are made by Bordeaux.

If anyone wants to invest in wine then Red Bordeaux is what you should purchase. It is the main medium for investment and has a long and established resale history.

New World vs Old World Wines

The difference between New World and Old World wines is grapes lose their acidity, their sugar levels go up as well as their alcohol producing capabilities as they ripen. The older a wine, the higher its acidity and tanning levels get, the balance of wine is due to acidity, fruitiness, tannin and sugar content.

Most wines that grow in the northern regions of Europe have a shorter growing season than New World wine regions due to the colder climate. Therefore, grapes from north Europe do not have as much time to ripen and do not contain as much sugar as New World grapes. This results in Old World Wines of low sugar, high acid, low fruitiness and high longevity versus wines from the New World being of low sugar, low acid, high fruitiness and a reduced life span.

Another one of the consequences of low alcohol and high acid that is present in Old World wines is they are not as easy to attain when they are young when compared to New World wines. They are typically required to stay in the bottle for several years before they are ready for consumption. The long stay is required in order to develop the delicate fruit flavor and soften the acids.

If you are collecting wines for investment purposes, the best types of wine to purchase are Old World wines.



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